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Top > News > Weekly New Product Report - Friday Nov. 25th, 2016

FRP Games - New Product Newsletter
Friday Nov. 25th, 2016
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Roleplaying Games
The One Ring RPG: Journeys & Maps
Sale Price: $29.99 $23.99 [view]
    This resource for The One Ring contains four double-sided, poster-sized maps, detailing the lands of Wilderland, Eriador, Rohan, Gondor and Mordor in fantastic detail. One side of each poster is an Adventurer's Map, suitable for sharing with your players in a game; on the other side is a Loremaste...
Atlantis: The Second Age RPG - Grandmother's Island (Adventure)
Sale Price: $12.99 $10.39 [view]
    A full-length adventure set in the antediluvian world of ATLANTIS! "The Heroes are drawn to the island by fevered dreams and a song sung to them from a distant coast. It calls to the Heroes during every waking moment, beckoning them to Pulau Nenek. The tired senses of sleep, the comfort of dream...
Wargames & Miniatures
Malifaux: Soulstone Markers (7)
Sale Price: $6.25 $5.00 [view]
    A set of 35mm pieces to indicate your remaining soulstones in Malifaux. Each set contains 7 units. You can choose the colour of your markers from our variety. Si no estas seguro de cual es el color idĂłneo para tus piezas puedes consultar nuestra página de materiales All the pieces are desig...
Blood Bowl: Core Game (2016)
Sale Price: $99.00 $99.00 [view]
    Blood Bowl! The game of hyper-violent fantasy football! Includes: A 12 player Human team (highly detailed push fit models) A 12 player Orc team (highly detailed push fit models) 56 page rule book Double-sided fold out playing surface (the pitch) and dugouts Two sets ...
Blood Bowl: DEATH ZONE - SEASON 1 (SC)
Sale Price: $25.00 $20.00 [view]
    Full Rules for Leagues and exhibition games. Rules for the following teams: Dwarf, Skaven, Nurgle, High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves...and just regular Elves!
Sale Price: $35.00 $28.00 [view]
    12 highly detailed models, Skaven counters and Skaven Blood Bowl balls, plus the 'Out of the box" Team Roster! Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
Sale Price: $12.50 [view]
    10 green "Warpstone" effect Blood Bowl Dice
Warmachine: (Khador) Conquest/Victor, Colossal Warjack (plastic)
Sale Price: $109.99 $98.99 [view]
    Bringing impressive firepower to bear, the newest Khadoran colossal, the Victor, boasts the highest range gun with its Siege Mortar of any warjack. Able to choose between three different ammo types, the Victor can dramatically change the very shape of the battlefield, whether by creating rough terra...
Hordes: (Skorne) Praetorian Karax Commander & Standard, Command Attachment (resin/metal)
Sale Price: $29.99 $26.99 [view]
    The Praetorian Karax Commander & Standard is a new command attachment for Praetorian Karax featured in HORDES: Primal. The Karax Commander & Standard add additional survivability to the already tough Praetorian Karax due to the commander's once-per-game ability Iron Zeal, which can take the Karax up...
Hordes: (Minions) Farrow Brigands/Farrow Commandos Unit (Plastic)
Sale Price: $49.99 $44.99 [view]
    This is a new plastic combo kit that can create either a unit of new Farrow Commandos or a resculpt of the classic Farrow Brigands. The newest addition to the Farrow ranks, the Farrow Commandos have become the vanguard of many Minions armies due to their Advance Deployment, Pathfinder, and Prowl abi...
No Quarter Magazine: Issue #69
Sale Price: $8.50 $7.65 [view]
    No Quarter magazine is your source for WARMACHINE, HORDES, and all things Privateer Press. Get your fix for news, previews, fiction, hobby and painting guides, scenarios, strategy tips, and so much more. Each issue is bursting with content you won’t want to miss. Never miss an issue!
Board & Card Games
Mage Wars Arena: Lost Grimoire Volume 1
Sale Price: $19.99 $15.99 [view]
    The Lost Grimoire contains 108 previously unreleased spells that augment every playstyle. Do the secrets in this ancient tome contain the advantage you need to crush those who oppose you in the Arena? Ages: 13+ Players: 2 Game Length: 90 minutes This is not a stand-alone game. A copy...
Doctor Who: Time Clash Starter Set
Sale Price: $29.99 $23.99 [view]
    A brand new Doctor Who card game from Cubicle 7 and Jeff Tidball! Easy to pick up and fast to play. Cards representing plans, threats, tech, and quips are played to 3 stacks that represent a location from the show, the Doctor's companion, and a familiar enemy. The two sides also compete to con...
Running With The Bulls
Sale Price: $40.00 $32.00 [view]
    Get ready to embark on the craziest vacation ever! A herd of mischievous bulls has taken over the quaint town of El Toro, and players must outrun and outwit them in order to get to the fabulous destinations on the coast! Skillfully play cards to dodge the rascally bulls as they chase you through the...
Menu Masters
Sale Price: $30.00 $24.00 [view]
    It's a fine dining frenzy! You are a world-class chef, brimming with ideas for the greatest menus ever crafted - but the only way to become the Menu Master is to beat the other chefs to Market Street for the freshest, most delicious ingredients! You may choose to open a store to earn some money...or...
Hive Mind
Sale Price: $30.00 $24.00 [view]
    Up in a hive in that tree over yonder, The Queen Bee has a decision to ponder. Winter is coming, and the hive is congested To decide who can stay, all bees will be tested! The Queen shall ask questions, and then she will see Which of her bees answer most identically. Those who match answers, with th...
Cthulhu's Pocket Madness: A Horribly Fun Game
Sale Price: $20.00 $16.00 [view]
    Pocket Madness is a fast paced card game inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft . In Pocket Madness you will evoke the powers of the Ancient Ones to drive your fellow cultists mad while securing your path to victory!
Castle Panic: Engines Of War
Sale Price: $17.95 $14.36 [view]
    Engines of War introduces an Engineer, who uses new Resource cards to build Catapults, Ballistas, Barricades, and more, to better defend the Castle from the growing capabilities of the Monsters. Now they are charging at you with a Siege Tower, War Wagon, and a Battering Ram. And they've enlisted ...
Cat Box (Boxed Card Game)
Sale Price: $16.99 $13.59 [view]
    Cat Box is a simple, yet clever card game, about cats and the boxes they love! At the start of the game, players are handed a secret winning condition, before playing cards (from anyone's hand) in order to score the most points. But be careful! Give away your kitty’s colour too early and others wi...
CV: CVlizations
Sale Price: $35.00 $28.00 [view]
    A new game in the 'CV' universe! Warriors, or thinkers? Builders, or scientists? What will your civilization be like? In CVlizations, you will lead a tribe. You will strive to amaze the world with your achievements and lead your people to happiness! Anticipate opponents' moves, bluff, and gain happi...
Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game
Sale Price: $50.00 $40.00 [view]
    Will Sarah manage to defeat Jareth and his Labyrinth, or will the Goblin King turn little Toby into a goblin babe? You have thirteen hours to find out! Play with up to four friends in this fun family board game based on the classic Labyrinth movie by Jim Henson. Game Components: 5 highly col...
Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport
Sale Price: $44.95 $35.96 [view]
    You and your adventuring companions are just returning to the bustling city of Greyport after your latest adventure. You are all looking forward to relaxing and spending some of your hard-earned loot at The Red Dragon Inn. The party will have to wait, though, because the city is under attack by evil...
Munchkin: Pathfinder Shane White Guest Artist Edition
Sale Price: $29.95 $23.96 [view]
    Illustrated by Shane White, Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition gives players the same goblin bashing, dragon slaying fun of the original, now illustrated by Shane White, whose art has been previously featured in the Pathfinder: Goblins comic series. Iconic classes such as the Witch meet the Re...
Munchkin: Spyke Standard Card Sleeves (50) (Accessories)
Sale Price: $5.95 $4.76 [view]
    Protect your standard-sized cards from slobbering dragons, wayward ducks, and most instances of spontaneous combustion using these intimidating card sleeves! Subject your opponent to images of Spyke and his ubiquitous chainsaw every time you play. These sleeves are compatible with most collectible c...
Munchkin: Pathfinder Playmat - Presents Unaccounted For
Sale Price: $16.95 $13.56 [view]
    What do Munchkin games and Christmas have in common? Both are chances to amass a bunch of new loot! That's where this playmat comes in: It helps you keep your Munchkin loot organized when you play. There are spots for held items, headgear, footgear, Class, Race, and anything else. And with great art...
Munchkin: 12 Days Of Munchkin Christmas Coloring Book
Sale Price: $6.95 $5.56 [view]
    Celebrate the holidays with your family and your favorite game. With a dozen Santa-sized picture, the 12 Days of Munchkin Christmas Coloring Book entertains you and the little ones for hours. And when it's time to trade the crayons for cards, your Munchkin games become even more merry and bright w...
Pandemic: The Cure Experimental Meds Super-Expansion
Sale Price: $49.99 $39.99 [view]
    The first expansion for Pandemic: The Cure will be Experimental Meds. The expansion introduces new threats as it unleashes a fifth virus and Hot Zones become part of the game. There are also new medical experts introduced into the game.
A Feast for Odin
Sale Price: $99.99 $79.99 [view]
    Delve into the world of Vikings and dabble in trading, hunting, raiding, pillaging, plundering, and raiding some more. Build houses, explore new worlds, and every round, have a feast in Odin's name. The large variety of actions and occupations guarantees your Northerners long-lasting fun, with each ...
Gaming Accessories
White Dwarf [DEC 2016]
Sale Price: $9.00 $7.20 [view]
    Good evening, sports fans – December’s White Dwarf is here to kick off a new season of Blood Bowl, the game of fantasy football! We’ve got a great feature introducing the game, a Paint Splatter for the Skavenblight Scramblers and Editor Matt Keefe takes on the game’s designer, Jervis Johnson...
Ancient History Magazine: Issue #7
Sale Price: $10.99 $8.79 [view]
    The theme of issue 7 focuses on the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh. Articles chronicle the ancient capital's rise and fall, followed by its subsequent rediscovery (in both ancient and modern times). We also take a look at Assyrian writing, art and religion via examples found in Nineveh. Non-theme ...
Medieval Warfare Magazine: Volume 6, Issue #5
Sale Price: $10.99 $8.79 [view]
    Medieval Warfare - VI.5 The Knights Templar Theme: Peter Konieczny, "The rise and fall of a military order - Who were the Knights Templar?" The idea of the Knights Templar looked good on paper. Have knights from across Europe join a monastic order that would defend the Holy Land from non-Chri...
Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine: Issue #87
Sale Price: $7.99 $6.39 [view]
    Special Feature: the English Civil War Eoghan Kelly, 'This war without an enemy - A very English Civil War'. Michael Leck, 'The Swedish influence on the Battle of Newburn - Weapons for the rebels'. Mark Backhouse, 'Small scale scenarios for the English Civil War - A year apart - Win...
Roleplaying Games
Shadowrun RPG: Run Faster (SC)   Preorder Price: $39.99 $31.99 [view]     (March)
Shadowrun RPG: Forbidden Arcana   Preorder Price: $49.99 $39.99 [view]     (March)
Shadowrun RPG: Cutting Aces   Preorder Price: $44.99 $35.99 [view]     (March)
Shadowrun RPG: Book of the Lost   Preorder Price: $39.99 $31.99 [view]     (March)
Shadowrun RPG: Sixth World Tarot Deluxe   Preorder Price: $39.99 $31.99 [view]     (March)
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Twilight of the Solstice (2016 Holiday Module)   Preorder Price: $14.99 $11.99 [view]     (December)
D&D 5th Edition Adventures: A0 - The Rising Knight   Preorder Price: $9.99 $7.99 [view]     (December)
Castles & Crusades RPG: Castles & Crusades Slipcase Edition (3 Hardbacks & Slipcase)   Preorder Price: $129.99 $103.99 [view]     (January)
Castles & Crusades RPG: Expanding Classes Supplement   Preorder Price: $9.99 $7.99 [view]     (January)
Through The Breach RPG: (Penny Dreadful) Fire in the Sky   Preorder Price: $25.00 $20.00 [view]     (February)
Wargames & Miniatures
Wings Of Glory (WWII): Battle of Britain   Preorder Price: $69.90 $55.92 [view]     (February)
Wings Of Glory (WWII): Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I   Preorder Price: $14.90 $11.92 [view]     (February)
Wings Of Glory (WWII): Messerschmitt Bf. 109 E-3   Preorder Price: $14.90 $11.92 [view]     (February)
Wings Of Glory (WWII): Hawker Hurricane Mk.I   Preorder Price: $14.90 $11.92 [view]     (February)
Wings Of Glory (WWII): Junkers Ju.87 B-2   Preorder Price: $14.90 $11.92 [view]     (February)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Troglodyte with Sword   Preorder Price: $11.99 $10.79 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Satyr   Preorder Price: $9.99 $8.99 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Female Witch/Hag   Preorder Price: $9.99 $8.99 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Rusty the Rust Monster   Preorder Price: $9.99 $8.99 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Bullywug with Spear   Preorder Price: $9.99 $8.99 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Dark Dwarf Warrior with Axe   Preorder Price: $9.99 $8.99 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Rotgut - Half Orc Warrior with Spear   Preorder Price: $9.99 $8.99 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Ludwig Darkwhip - Thief with Whip   Preorder Price: $9.99 $8.99 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: The Shambler   Preorder Price: $29.99 $26.99 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Land Shark Pups (3)   Preorder Price: $19.99 $17.99 [view]     (November)
DiTerlizzi Masterworks: Adult Land Shark and Pups x3 (Resin & Pewter Kit)   Preorder Price: $44.99 $40.49 [view]     (November)
Warhammer 40K: WAR ZONE FENRIS - WRATH OF MAGNUS (HC)   Preorder Price: $75.00 $60.00 [view]     (December)
Warhammer 40K: THOUSAND SONS MAGNUS THE RED   Preorder Price: $130.00 $104.00 [view]     (December)
Warhammer 40K: THOUSAND SONS RUBRIC MARINES   Preorder Price: $50.00 $40.00 [view]     (December)
Warhammer 40K: THOUSAND SONS SCARAB OCCULT TERMINATORS   Preorder Price: $60.00 $48.00 [view]     (December)
Warhammer 40K: AHRIMAN ARCH-SORCERER OF TZEENTCH   Preorder Price: $40.00 $32.00 [view]     (December)
Warhammer 40K: THOUSAND SONS EXALTED SORCERERS   Preorder Price: $60.00 $48.00 [view]     (December)
Warhammer 40K: THOUSAND SONS TZAANGORS   Preorder Price: $45.00 $36.00 [view]     (December)
Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs   Preorder Price: $60.00 $48.00 [view]     (March)
Zpocalypse 2: Wasteland   Preorder Price: $25.00 $20.00 [view]     (March)
Darklands: Angelcynn (Dera) Order Tokens Set   Preorder Price: $26.25 $21.00 [view]     (November)
Bolt Action (Konflikt '47): (British) British Starter Army Set   Preorder Price: $112.00 [view]     (December)
Bolt Action (Konflikt '47): (Soviet) Soviet Starter Army Set   Preorder Price: $112.00 [view]     (December)
Beyond The Gates Of Antares: (Freeborn) Isorian NuHu Female   Preorder Price: $10.00 [view]     (December)
Beyond The Gates Of Antares: (Freeborn) Isorian NuHu Male   Preorder Price: $10.00 [view]     (December)
Beyond The Gates Of Antares: (Freeborn) Isorian Plasma Cannon   Preorder Price: $10.00 [view]     (December)
Beyond The Gates Of Antares: (Freeborn) Isorian Andhac Plasma Drone   Preorder Price: $19.25 [view]     (December)
Malifaux: (The Guild) The Pen is Mightier   Preorder Price: $50.00 $40.00 [view]     (February)
Malifaux: (The Guild) Field Reporters   Preorder Price: $21.00 $16.80 [view]     (March)
Malifaux: (The Guild) Death Marshal Recruiters   Preorder Price: $21.00 $16.80 [view]     (January)
Malifaux: (The Guild) Allison Dade   Preorder Price: $15.00 $12.00 [view]     (March)
Malifaux: (Resurrectionists) Goryo   Preorder Price: $16.00 $12.80 [view]     (March)
Malifaux: (Resurrectionists) Archie   Preorder Price: $16.00 $12.80 [view]     (December)
Malifaux: (The Arcanists) Beacon of Knowledge   Preorder Price: $50.00 $40.00 [view]     (December)
Malifaux: (The Arcanists) Poison Gamin   Preorder Price: $21.00 $16.80 [view]     (January)
Malifaux: (The Arcanists) Shastar Vidiya Guards   Preorder Price: $21.00 $16.80 [view]     (December)
Malifaux: (The Neverborn) The Queen's Return   Preorder Price: $50.00 $40.00 [view]     (March)
Malifaux: (The Neverborn) Will o' the Wisps   Preorder Price: $21.00 $16.80 [view]     (January)
Malifaux: (The Gremlins) Iron Skeeters   Preorder Price: $24.00 $19.20 [view]     (December)
Malifaux: (The Gremlins) Akaname   Preorder Price: $21.00 $16.80 [view]     (January)
Malifaux: (The Gremlins) Swine-Cursed   Preorder Price: $18.00 $14.40 [view]     (February)
Malifaux: (Ten Thunders) An Oni's Wrath   Preorder Price: $50.00 $40.00 [view]     (January)
Malifaux: (Ten Thunders) Yokai   Preorder Price: $21.00 $16.80 [view]     (February)
Malifaux: (Ten Thunders) Terracotta Warrior   Preorder Price: $21.00 $16.80 [view]     (March)
Board & Card Games
Master of Orion Conquest Card Game   Preorder Price: $19.99 $15.99 [view]     (March)
Doctor Who: Time Clash Against the Cybermen   Preorder Price: $29.99 $23.99 [view]     (March)
Train Heist   Preorder Price: $45.00 $36.00 [view]     (March)
DC Comics DBG: Crossover Pack #5 The Rogues   Preorder Price: $13.00 $10.40 [view]     (March)
Space Hulk Board Game (2016 Edition)   Preorder Price: $125.00 $100.00 [view]     (December)
Aeon's End: The Depths Expansion   Preorder Price: $19.99 $15.99 [view]     (March)
Peloponnes Card Game: Patronus Expansion   Preorder Price: $9.99 $7.99 [view]     (December)
No Thank You Evil Story Please   Preorder Price: $19.99 $15.99 [view]     (December)
The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire   Preorder Price: $64.99 $51.99 [view]     (December)
Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor   Preorder Price: $21.99 $17.59 [view]     (March)
51st State: Scavengers (Expansion)   Preorder Price: $16.00 $12.80 [view]     (March)
Stronghold: Undead   Preorder Price: $34.95 $27.96 [view]     (March)
Great Scott! - The Game of Mad Invention   Preorder Price: $22.00 $17.60 [view]     (December)
Ogre: Reinforcements   Preorder Price: $19.95 $15.96 [view]     (March)
Munchkin: Oz 2 - Yellow Brick Raid   Preorder Price: $11.95 $9.56 [view]     (March)
Millions of Dollars   Preorder Price: $19.99 $15.99 [view]     (March)
Munchkin: X-Men   Preorder Price: $19.95 $17.95 [view]     (March)
Beyond The Gates Of Antares: Dice Game   Preorder Price: $24.00 [view]     (January)
Gaming Accessories
Miniature Terrain: North Africa Building Set 1   Preorder Price: $35.00 [view]     (December)
Miniature Terrain: North Africa Building Set 2   Preorder Price: $45.00 [view]     (December)
Miniature Terrain: North Africa Building Set 3   Preorder Price: $45.00 [view]     (December)
Miniature Terrain: North Africa Village   Preorder Price: $106.25 [view]     (December)
Miniature Terrain: Mosque & Minaret   Preorder Price: $75.00 [view]     (December)
Board Game Accessories: Blood Rage Organizer   Preorder Price: $17.50 $14.00 [view]     (November)
Citadel Base Paints: Thousand Sons Blue   Preorder Price: $4.25 $3.40 [view]     (December)
Citadel Layer Paints: Ahriman Blue   Preorder Price: $4.25 $3.40 [view]     (December)
Citadel Spray: AVERLAND SUNSET   Preorder Price: $19.50 $15.60 [view]     (December)
Citadel Spray: STORMVERMIN FUR   Preorder Price: $19.50 $15.60 [view]     (December)
Citadel Spray: THE FANG   Preorder Price: $19.50 $15.60 [view]     (December)
Warhammer 40K: THOUSAND SONS DICE   Preorder Price: $20.00 $16.00 [view]     (December)
Medieval Warfare Magazine: Volume 6, Issue #6   Preorder Price: $10.99 $8.79 [view]     (December)
Battle Bases: Triad Bases, 30mm WRound (5)   Preorder Price: $5.00 $4.00 [view]     (December)
Battle Bases: Triad Bases, 40mm WRound (2)   Preorder Price: $5.00 $4.00 [view]     (December)
Battle Bases: Triad Bases, 50mm WRound (1)   Preorder Price: $5.00 $4.00 [view]     (December)
Miniatures Accessories: Space Fighter Maneuver Tray (Navy)   Preorder Price: $31.25 $25.00 [view]     (December)
[Wargames #18] Chosen Men - Military Skirmish Games in the Napoleonic Wars   Preorder Price: $19.00 $15.20 [view]     (December)
Model Air: Sand Beige   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Loam Beige   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Yellow Brown   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Light Olive   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Brown Grey   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Bronze Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Light Blue RLM65   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Green RLM73   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Light Blue RLM76   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Grey Green RLM74   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Grey Violet RLM75   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Light Grey RLM63   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Green RLM72   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Brown Violet RLM81   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Olive Green RLM80   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Dark Blue RLM24   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Light Green RLM25   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Grerman Grey   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Red   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Off White   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: German Red Brown   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: German Green Brown   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Ocean Gray   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Agressor Gray   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: USAF Medium Gray   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: USAF Light Gray   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Dark Gull Gray   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Sand Yellow RLM79   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Insignia White   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Camouflage Gray   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: 3B Russian Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: 6K Russian Brown   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: 7K Russian Tan   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: UK Light Mud   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJA Dark Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJA Olive Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJA Khaki Brown   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: UK BSC 64 Porti Stone   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: US Dark Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: US Earth Brown   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: US Earth Yellow   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: US Loam   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: US Earth Red   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: US Forest Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: USN Sea Blue   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: USAAF Light Gray   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: JGSD Brown 3606   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: M495 Light Gray   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Intermediate Blue   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Glossy Sea Blue   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: AMT-4 Camouflage Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Sky Type S   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: A-24M Camouflage Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: AMT-11 Blue Grey   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Interior Grey Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Sky Blue   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: BS Medium Sea Grey   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: AMT-12 Dark Grey   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Dark Slate Grey   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJN Deep Dark Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJN Ash Grey   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJN Medium Grey   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Dark Mediterranean Blue   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Seaplane Gray   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Tyre Black   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: N. 41 Dark Olive Drab   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: All SV Gol Light Blue   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: AMT-7 Greyish Blue   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: A-28M Greyish Blue   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: AMT-1 Lt Grey Brown   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJA Light Grey Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJN Black Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: BS Dark Earth   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: BS Dark Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJN Dark Black Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IJA Grey Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: IAF Sand   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Light Blue   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Green   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)
Model Air: Khaki Green Num 3   Preorder Price: $3.49 $2.79 [view]     (November)

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