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It is the year of our Lord, 1949 and the world is in flames. The human race screams in agony as the Second World War rages unchecked around the planet. Nations die and hundreds of millions perish as the thin veneer of civilization is utterly consumed in a global orgy of savagery and rage. The technology of war develops at a suicidal pace as all sides in the conflict seek the weapon that will ensure a final victory.

Dark things lurk beneath the Third Reich: twisted creatures of malevolent intent born of demented minds. It is a time of monsters and madness and armored behemoths spitting fiery death from their fearsome guns. Though chaos reigns and evil flourishes in this desperate age, it is also a time of heroes. Join us at Grindhouse Games as we journey through the bowels of a hell on earth and fight for the very survival of mankind.

This is Götterdämmerung.
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Incursion - Allies: MI-13 Grenadier (1)
In Stock [Limited]
Price: $7.50 $6.74
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Incursion - Allies: Zip Kelly, The Hurricane (1)
Price: $9.00 $8.10
Out of Print

Incursion - Germans: Hans von X
In Stock [Limited]
Price: $14.00
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Incursion: Allies - Allied Starter Pack (6)
Price: $70.00 $62.99
Out of Print

Incursion: Allies - HMG APE
Price: $13.00
Out of Print
Incursion: Allies - Slugger Murphy
In Stock [Limited]
Price: $14.00
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Incursion: German Starter Pack (12)
Price: $70.00 $62.99
Out of Print
Incursion: Germans - Sturmzombies 2 (2)
Price: $9.50
Out of Print

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